Sendero al Bienestar, a Level 3 Recovery Residence, offers El Paso’s homeless Vets a pathway to wellbeing

Sendero al Bienestar (English translation: Pathway to Wellbeing) is a Level 3 Recovery Residence in El Paso, Texas that is owned and operated by one of the state’s oldest recovery community organizations, Recovery Alliance of El Paso.

Of the 4 types of recovery residences, Level 3s are the least studied, which makes these recovery outcomes even more valuable.

 The data show that 71 percent of Sendero participants are abstinent after 6 months, that their chances of being employed or involved in education are better by 158 percent and they are even 18 percent more likely to have stable housing.

At baseline buy abilify online 35.7 percent were living in shelters, and that number drops to 12.4 after six months of services, for a gain of 287 percent less in shelter. People employed moved from 13.2 percent at service initiation to 33.3 percent at six month follow-up. Participants were 57 percent less likely to report depression (11.27-6.93%) and 43 percent less likely to report anxiety (10.97-6.22%) than before services were initiated. Participants were 12 times less likely to report psychological problems at six months service (1.6-19.4%)5.

Read the entire report hereProject Sendero al Bienestar 2011 Level 3 recovery residence Texas

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