Fair Housing

Along with funding, fair housing discrimination is the largest barrier to persons in recovery accessing the  sober, safe and peer supportive housing many choose to help them start and sustain their recovery. From a federal fair housing standpoint, persons in recovery from substance use issues are “disabled” / “handicapped”. Note, this is not the restrictive Social Security eligibility definition of “disabled”. This is the purposefully inclusive civil rights definition of “disability”. This is an important distinction because “disability” is one of seven cheap abilify “protected classes” under the federal Fair Housing and Americans with Disabilities Acts as amended. The “protected classes” include:

  1. Race
  2. Color
  3. National origin
  4. Religion
  5. Gender
  6. Family status
  7. Disability (including persons in recovery from mental health or substance use issues)

Some of the most systemic fair housing discrimination against persons with disabilities has been caused by state and local government laws and agents. This is especially true in Texas.

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