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Power House Recovery Center
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The Power House provides a safe and supportive sober-living environment for men pursuing a 12-Step program of recovery from alcoholism or substance abuse. Residents practice living the 12 Steps and learn to successfully apply those spiritual principals in their daily activities.  Recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction is possible, and the mission of the Power House is to help you find the “Power” you need to solve your problem!

Research shows that the duration of stay in a structured recovery program/environment increases the odds of staying clean and sober over a lifetime. The structured recovery program at the Power House begins with the nationally recognized "Back to Basics" 12-Step program ( supplemented with our own 12-Step orientated presentations and workshops titled “Beyond the Basics”.  PowerPoint presentations with group participation and scheduled workshops provide a structured time frame for new residents to complete the 12-Step program and receive assistance from our certified recovery coaches and senior residents.  The program for new residents covering Steps 1-9 is presented monthly and takes approximately 3 hours per week for 3 weeks to complete.  The continuing program for all residents includes 3 hours each month of presentations and workshops devoted to Steps 10-12.

The goal of our structured recovery program is to provide residents a limited but meaningful “personal experience” with each of the 12 Steps which will help prepare them to take the 12 Steps with a sponsor and to eventually become a sponsor.  Becoming a sponsor and helping others recover will do more to insure long-term sobriety than anything else.

Our morning meditation is structured to include reading the entire basic text of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous each month (about 6 or 7 pages per day).  AA Speaker Tapes are played at the noon Brown Bag meetings for residents on the property at that time.  The “Power to Choose” group holds AA meetings at 7PM on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings.  A brief evening wrap-up session gives residents an opportunity to constructively review their day.

The accommodations at the Power House Recovery Center include two main buildings totaling over 8,000 square feet of living space.  Maximum capacity is approximately 25 residents, which includes 10 one-man bedrooms for senior residents.  Construction of our new meeting room/recreation center was completed in 2013.  The new room contains an overhead projector, 55” flat screen TV, commercial pool table, foosball table, poker table, coffee bar and several leather couches.  Additional improvements are ongoing.

Residents participate in outside AA meetings and other spiritual activities of their choice.  Our fledgling Alumni group assists residents with transportation to a variety of weekend events such as AA conferences, AA retreats and monthly sober softball tournaments.  The cost of major events is typically paid for in part by your Power House fees.

The Power House Recovery Center, Inc. is a Texas Non-Profit Corporation qualifying as a public charity under 509(a)(2) and exempt from taxation under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


Fees are $150.00 per week, which includes food and the use of laundry facilities.  A payment of $300.00 to cover the first and last week’s fees is requested upon admission.  Recovery coaching on an individual basis has now become available on a limited basis for an additional weekly fee.  All fees are nonrefundable.



Accommodations and Common Areas exceed 8,000 square feet
Max capacity 25 residents (No Bunk Beds) - 10 One Man Bedrooms
New Meeting Room/Recreation Center
Commercial Pool Table, Foosball, Ping Pong, Poker Table
Audio Visual includes 55” Flat Screen TV, LCD Projector, Sound System
Computer stations and Internet Access
Laundry facilities provided

Recovery Program:

Peer Assistance, Recovery Coaching, Random Alcohol and Drug Testing
Structured Living with advancement to Independent Living Status
Incentives for Completion of Initial 12-Step Recovery Program
Continuing Recovery Program (Steps 10-12) for Independent Living
Flexible Morning Meditation Schedule (6:30 or 8:00)  and Evening Wrap-Up
On-Site AA Meetings including Weekly Speaker Meeting


Group Activities: AA Conventions, AA Retreats, Sober Softball League, etc.
Resident Conflict Resolution Policy and Independent Advisory Board
15 minute walk to Bus Stop


$150.00 per week, includes meals and use of laundry facilities (as of 1/2014)
$300.00 initial payment upon Admission to cover the first and last week’s fees
Additional weekly fees for Individual Recovery Coaching (optional)
All fees are Nonrefundable.
(281) 442-1919
The House of Extra Measures-Men, LLC
Offering multiple houses with varying levels of support for a recovering individuals changing needs as they progress through the stages of recovery toward independence.
The 23rd Street and Hawthorne houses offer a structured, supportive and safe 12-step inspired peer community for adult men who are determined to maintain abstinence and develop a recovery oriented lifestyle. Our homes bridge the delicate gap between inpatient treatment and independent living. A typical weekday consists of morning meditation, individual daily activities including work and a 12-step meeting, a resident prepared dinner and wrap up at 9:45pm. Our on-site staff offers recovery coaching to help residents as they work toward attaining realistic and meaningful recovery goals. While there is no minimum length of stay, we encourage residents to achieve the goals of completing the 12 steps and developing a solid foundation consisting of self-respect, self-esteem, self-efficacy and healthy, supportive friendships.
Accepting United Behavioral Health and Value Options insurance when sober living is in the policy.

Amenities include:
upscale neighborhoods
ample parking
spacious rooms
food included
basketball court
house computers
excellent bus service
random drug / alcohol screening
linkage to recovery resources

Recovery Housing


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