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The Miracle House
The Miracle House
The Miracle House operates a Recovery Housing Program.  We are nationally certified through Texas Recovery Orientated Housing Network (TROHN) as a level 2 . Our program provides a safe, sober, supportive, and affordable living environment for women recovering from substance use.

Residents come from all walks of life and backgrounds.  Whether you are seeking a new living environment, just completed a residential treatment facility, left a correctional facility, or are homeless, the program is designed to offer a safe, substance-free living environment while you continue your journey into recovery.

You help yourself by helping your fellow Residents to abstain from substances “one day at a time.”  Overseen by our Housing Monitors, the program fosters personal responsibility, restores self-esteem and self-confidence, and eliminates isolation by creating a community atmosphere – all with the ultimate goal of eventually transitioning to independent living.

All homes are subject to frequent, random drug testing performed by Housing Monitors and/or Executive Director

In addition to residents being active in their own recovery through attendance in 12-step recovery programs, residents attend a weekly house meeting to review the previous week.

Support and crisis assistance from The Miracle House is available 24-7 to individuals and the house as a whole.

Our homes are located in safe residential neighborhoods within walking distance of public transportation.  Parking is available but may be limited in accordance with property owner, neighborhood or local parking ordinances.  Residents who own vehicles are required to be licensed, registered, inspected and insured.  Residents are responsible for any costs incurred due to parking.

Recovery Housing


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