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As the state affiliate of the National Alliance for Recovery Residences, TROHN certifies recovery residences that met the national standard.

Distinguishing between 4 Levels of Support
The standard distinguishes between 4 types, known as levels of support. One level is not “better” than another. Persons in recovery have diverse needs that change overtime. The levels offer a nonlinear spectrum of choices, meaning that an individual can enter at and move to any level that is right for them depending on where they are at in their recovery.

Certification and Re-certification
Certification is a multiple step process. See the certification packet for details. Re-certification is required either annually or biennially (every other year).

Benefits of Certification
Certification is a legal, order abilify usa cost effective means of improving the availability and quality of recovery housing choices for persons in recovery. Under federal fair housing laws, most recovery residences are considered functionally equivalent family households comprised of peer who support each other in recovery. As such, government cannot regulate them. The exception in Texas are level 4 recovery residences, which are required to be licensed as supportive residential treatment due to the clinical services offered. Moreover, the standard and certification program empowers consumers choices matching their needs with the appropriate level of support. It also distinguishes providers who met the standard and offers a clear pathway of improvement for those who do not.

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Stephen Vega of Texas Valley Sober Living Home puts positive face on recovery

TROHN coalition member Steven Vega, founder of the Texas Valley Sober Living Home, get’s some great press in the Valley Morning Star. Follow the link to read the original article.

Here are some highlights:

HARLINGEN — Many people with addiction disorders begin the relationship with these substances as children.

One such child was Stephen Vega. Born in Victoria, Texas, he is now a resident of Harlingen. He said that in seeking a better life, he joined the Navy right out of high school. There he was trained as an electrician and served eight years.

During that time, Vega’s addictive behavior was revealed, he says. He was sanctioned by the Navy and required to undergo rehabilitation. It was at this point that Vega was inspired by the recovery community.

He said that he realized that he, in turn, could facilitate the recovery of others. After his discharge from the Navy, Vega moved to Houston where he earned his master’s degree in psychology. He also completed certification and licensing for chemical dependency counseling and professional counseling.

While going through rehab himself, he got involved in the recovery community and has continued to serve this community since 1998. He has also served buy aripiprazole with the Child Protective Services, as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for foster children, and has been involved with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Vega said a support system is essential to long-term success for rehabilitation members. His strong commitment to the rehab community inspired him to open the Texas Valley Sober Living Home in Harlingen.

This facility is a fourplex home where people with addiction problems can get help. The home is more than just a shelter. It provides the basic structure people need to become productive and independent.

Each member of the home participates voluntarily. Home members are encouraged to either hold down a job or do volunteer community service to cover living expenses at the home.

House members are encouraged to get involved in the local community as well. This helps ground them socially and gives the community opportunities to facilitate rehab.

Vega encourages the local community to get involved. Personal satisfaction is derived from helping others, he says.

“The hope and potential I have seen many people realize in their recovery is amazing. Helping others has helped me to become a better person,” he said.

For more information or to volunteer, contact Vega at 956-622-8484.

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Sendero al Bienestar, a Level 3 Recovery Residence, offers El Paso’s homeless Vets a pathway to wellbeing

Sendero al Bienestar (English translation: Pathway to Wellbeing) is a Level 3 Recovery Residence in El Paso, Texas that is owned and operated by one of the state’s oldest recovery community organizations, Recovery Alliance of El Paso.

Of the 4 types of recovery residences, Level 3s are the least studied, which makes these recovery outcomes even more valuable.

 The data show that 71 percent of Sendero participants are abstinent after 6 months, that their chances of being employed or involved in education are better by 158 percent and they are even 18 percent more likely to have stable housing.

At baseline buy abilify online 35.7 percent were living in shelters, and that number drops to 12.4 after six months of services, for a gain of 287 percent less in shelter. People employed moved from 13.2 percent at service initiation to 33.3 percent at six month follow-up. Participants were 57 percent less likely to report depression (11.27-6.93%) and 43 percent less likely to report anxiety (10.97-6.22%) than before services were initiated. Participants were 12 times less likely to report psychological problems at six months service (1.6-19.4%)5.

Read the entire report hereProject Sendero al Bienestar 2011 Level 3 recovery residence Texas

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Where recovery residences and addiction treatment meet within ROSC

A version of this article was published in Addiction Profession on Thanksgiving Day 2013.



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ManyFaces1Voice: Don Fertman

Click on the short cut below to view the video on Vimeo.

Don Fertman from ManyFaces1Voice on Vimeo.

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ManyFaces1Voice: Jim Ramstad

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Jim Ramstad from ManyFaces1Voice on Vimeo.

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ManyFaces1Voice: Maetta Broadus

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ManyFaces1Voice: Bill White

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ManyFaces1Voice: Tom Hill

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